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The docket number which identifies the Orderly Annexation agreement: OA-1651
Coverage Cities and Townships which are parties to the Orderly annexation agreement: Scott County-City of Elko New Market;Scott County-Township of New Market
Date Accepted Date on which MBA accepted the agreement: 07/22/16
Entire Area Annexed Was the entire area annexed:Yes
Acreage Acreage designated in the original agreement: 50
City Reimbursement Did the agreement include reimbursement from the city to the township?: Yes
Reimbursement Type Additional information regarding the type of reimbursement from the City to the Township: Multi Year Payment
Reimbursement by Acre Fee If a reimbursement by acre fee exists, what is the amount per acre: No
Tax Rate Step-up Is there a tax rate step-up for landowners?: No
Debt Does debt/ special assessment language exist?: No
Taxing Does the agreement include an urban/ rural taxing district?: No
Special Taxing District Does this agreement include a special taxing district?: No
Green Acres Does this agreement include Green Acres?: No
Comments Additional information regarding this orderly annexation agreement: City to Township Reimbursement: City will pay Township $1,400 each year for five years; developer will pay Township $3,000.