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Docket Number: A-7833

Area shown in red:
Geographic area of boundary adjustment:
Big Stone CountyTownship of Ortonville
Big Stone CountyCity of Ortonville
Acres transferred: 
Total Acreage: 63.52
Transfer Type: Annexation by Ordinance
Date Received: 12/14/12
Decision: Date decision regarding the petition was made - 03/14/13
Outcome: Final outcome of the petition - Denied
Fee: Filing fee received with petition - 317.60
Map: Map of the affected area received - Yes
Description: Legal description of the affected area received - Yes
Minn. Stat. 414.033, Subd. 2(3): 120 acres or less
Ordinance Number: 12-11
Minn. Stat. § 414.033, subd. 2b: Was a public hearing was held? - Yes
Reimbursement Addressed: Yes
Reimbursement Language: Based on taxes collected by Twp in the last year it collected taxes on the area, amount equivalent to that payable under former law, adjusted to be paid in substantially equal payments over 8 years; annual payments start in 2013 & end in 2020.
Distribution: Date map and petition were sent to state agency contacts - 12/14/12
Appeal - District Court: Date the decision was appealed to the District Court - 04/12/13
Comments: Geraldine Ann Crookston Property. See also A-7829, A-7830, A-7831, A-7832, and A-7834.
Initiating Documents and Map:
Acknowledgement Letter: