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Docket Number: A-7819

Area shown in red:
Geographic area of boundary adjustment:
Wilkin CountyTownship of Connelly
Wilkin CountyCity of Breckenridge
Acres transferred: 
Total Acreage: 14.08
Transfer Type: Annexation by Ordinance
Date Received: 09/17/12
Decision: Date decision regarding the petition was made - 10/09/12
Outcome: Final outcome of the petition - Approved
Fee: Filing fee received with petition - 100.00
Map: Map of the affected area received - Yes
Minn. Stat. 414.033, Subd. 2(1): city owned land
Ordinance Number: 483
Distribution: Date map and petition were sent to state agency contacts - 09/17/12
Initiating Documents and Map:
Acknowledgement Letter:
Approval Letter: