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Due to the fact that older dockets are no longer accessible, some dockets may contain only partial information. The MBAU staff has attempted to input as much information as possible.

Docket Number: A-1696

Area shown in red:
Geographic area of boundary adjustment:
Swift CountyTownship of Torning
Swift CountyCity of Benson
Acres transferred: 
Total Acreage: 0.00
Transfer Type: Annexation by Chief Administrative Law Judge's Order
Date Received: 10/16/69
Decision: Date decision regarding the petition was made - 09/21/70
Outcome: Final outcome of the petition - Dismissed
Fee: Filing fee received with petition - 122.00
Map: Map of the affected area received - Yes
Description: Legal description of the affected area received - Yes
Minn. Stat. 414.031 subd. 1(a)(1): City Resolution - Yes
Resolution: Supporting city resolution received for Minn. Stat § 414.031, subd. 1(a)(3)? - Yes
First Hearing: Date the first hearing was held - 01/14/70