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Docket Number: D-362/A-6099

Area shown in red:
Geographic area of boundary adjustment:
Anoka CountyCity of Oak Grove
Anoka CountyCity of Saint Francis
Acres transferred: 
Total Acreage: 412.00
Transfer Type: Concurrent Detachment/Annexation
Date Received: 05/04/99
Decision: Date decision regarding the petition was made - 05/12/00
Outcome: Final outcome of the petition - Withdrawn
Fee: Filing fee received with petition - 600.00
Map: Map of the affected area received - Yes
Description: Legal description of the affected area received - Yes
Resolution: Supporting city resolution received for Minn. Stat § 414.031, subd. 1(a)(3)? - Yes
First Hearing: Date the first hearing was held - 07/06/99
Subd. 16: Date Subdivision 16 invoked - 07/01/99
Mediation:Date directed into mediation - 09/13/99
Distribution: Date map and petition were sent to state agency contacts - 05/04/99
Comments: Proposed development of golf course, clubhouse, restaurant & bar - no services available from City of Oak Grove. Petition rec'd 4-7-99 (MMB file D-361/A-6082) did not have all property owner signatures. Petition by all property owners rec'd on 5-4-99 for same area, with request to withdraw D-361/A-6082 and transfer filing fee to new file. Withdrawal request & transfer of filing fee granted on 5-7-99 - closed file D-361/A-6082. Office of Dispute Resolution assigned Richard Rosow as mediator. Mediated Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release (signed by both cities and the poperty owner on March 27,2000). File closed without prejudice, per petitioner's request.
Initiating Documents and Map: